Thursday, July 21, 2016

High Rouleurs Route Planning

You would think that planning out a 250 miles route which covers 33,000’ would be easy. As mentioned before I am planning to ride the 15 climbs for the Santa Monica Mountain Challenge. That said and having ridden several climbs that I had not ridden before last weekend it caused me to rethink my plan, especially the last ride of the day; Corral Canyon, which was to be honest, brutal! No doubt the fact that it was at the end of the day was a contributor but having a look on VeloViewer revealed just how and why it was so painful. The total segment is only 5.5 miles long yet it took an hour (the KOM time is 30 minutes), the average grade is 6.9%

However this does not give you a clear picture as the last 2 miles levels out some and even has a little downhill. The first section of the climb is the steepest, it’s 1.2 miles long has an average grade of 11% and maxes at 23.8%, throw in 95f and it makes for a miserable 10-12 minutes!