Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Plans…redux (probably not for the first time either)!

Had you asked me 18 days ago what my plans were for the first 8 months of the year were and I would have said this;

Then this happened;


Then this happened;


So now it’s kinda like this...sorta...ish!

  • Calico Ghost Town 50k – Registered
  • Tour of Sufferlandria – Registered
  • Sean O’Brien 50k…well maybe, we’re waitlisted
  • Bandit 50k – depends on the above!
  • Leona Divide 50m - Registered
  • Grand Canyon R2R2R – not enough time for Becca to recover before IM Boulder, no worries, it’s been there a few years and I am sure it will be there for a few more!
  • TransRockiesRun Run 6 – looked at the finances on this one and it costed out at $7,000+, and the house needs painting and the closets need remodeling, and I need (don’t want, but need) a new car…being an adult sucks!

Remaining possibilities;

  • Cuyamaca 100k Registration opens June 15th…yeah I set a reminder for that!
  • Waldo 100k It’s a lottery which announces the run list on March 1st
  • Backbone Trail 70 miler (self supported) There’s something to be said for being in control of you own destiny! I have run the entire thing but in sections; here, here and here.

The elevations South to North (approx 15,000’ of gain)

And…we’ll see!

It’s all good!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

SOB50K Week 11

Another build week! I was finally feeling like I was getting back into the groove at work which meant things at home are easier. Along with 100+ mile daily commute 3-4 days a week our combined family has four kids that need lunches and school runs etc. Having had nearly 2 weeks off over Christmas meant that I was a little rusty!

Monday. 10 Miles. Becca’s plan has longer back-to-back runs. This was hard, it sucked for the first 5 miles. The next 5 miles I was pissed so I just ran it off to get home and eat!

Tuesday. Off. Doing my happy dance!

Wednesday. 4 Miles. Treadmill, nothing fancy just a recovery run.

Thursday. 10 miles. Went out, warmed up and then picked up the pace and didn’t look back. 7:44 pace for the run which isn’t “blazing” fast compared to say my Half Marathon PR which is a minute a mile faster but hey I will take it!


Friday. 8 miles on the Treadmill. 3% incline at 8:57 with last mile at 1% at 9:15

Saturday. Off. Like. A. Boss!

Sunday. 22 Miles. My race plans have taken a hit…more on that to follow. So we tried something very new as the weather forecast was for it to be somewhat hot. We drove through to Topanga State Park which is closer to the Ocean and should be cooler with the plan to run two loops around the XTerra 15K course and then add on some more

Long story short, we got ourselves onto the Backbone Trail and ended up at the southern end of it at Will Rogers State Park. All that said it was a section of the trail that Becca had never seen and I section I had only run once back in 2009. It also sowed the seed for something for later in the year.

We had the pleasure of bumping it a friend of our Louis who was out with his pals tearing up the trails. I decided to do my best Beaker impression!


As per last week we were using real food although we ran a little short as some was left in the car with a view to picking it up for the second loop. That all said it was a good day out and while there was a fair bit of uphill walking I felt pretty good the entire run!


The new plan seems to mean bigger mileage so this week I ended up just under 55 miles and I am already over 130 miles for the month!

This coming weekend we have the Calico 50k AND the Tour of Sufferlandria starts, it’s going to be a couple of tough weeks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Third party face-palm!

I’ve been so focused on Leona Divide 50m that this happened!


Back up plan, Bandit 50k the weekend after!