Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hello World!

Well it’s been a while…

I’ve been kinda busy, riding my bike and work and stuff!

Wrapped a pretty epic 2017 with the following notches on my belt:


Crushar in the Tushar


Everesting on Zwift


Mauna Kea Ascent


Bike leg for Carpenteria Tri…we came second!


A tad over 12,0000 miles for the year…rode every single day!

Exercised N+1 several times:


Picked up a NOS Cervolo R3 to live on the Kickr to replace the existing R3:


Traded in my trusty Linskey Cooper CX for a Linskey Cooper CX! No really I did!


Also picked up a belt driven single speed CX bike, I have 4 months to figure that out!

This year has had a pretty mellow start: 4 Days to Fitness, BWR Camp, SPNDX Stampede and BWR! OK maybe not that mellow!

I’ll get round to back filling some of this at some point, in the meantime I start writing forwards, thanks to James, who I met last weekend for the kick in the pants!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Adventure Time

No, not this kind…

Image result for Adventure time!

But this kind…

I’ve been a big fan of Topeak products for a while now, I actually have an original Alien Tool from circa 2000 which is still going strong.


I love their Quick Click feature that lets me switch saddle bags easily and I have them for all my bikes. Last year I added their Fuel Tank which is a top tube bag “Bento Box” for Dirty Kanza and it worked perfectly!


So following them on Facebook deemed natural and this week I won one of their giveaways and won a Backloader!


With Crushar my last registered race of the season and the summer holidays fast approaching this is whetting my Bike Adventuring whistle!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Summary

May in the bag and a mostly successful month it was. Becca had some travel and with the extra time I was able to double down on a couple of days with the weekly goal of 300 miles. My Lynskey and Cervelo were at Wins with various changes and one day of the week was a quick dirty spin on my Mountain Bike which left me a little short on the goal but a 295 mile week is a solid week. My viewpoint on what is a “normal” week has definitely shifted from the 200 mile mark and is now hovering around 230 miles. 250 miles is a good week and anything close to 300 is a great week. That said the accumulation is a function of training and I am basically following the TrainerRoad plan with a longer weekend ride and a recovery ride on the Monday.

The big event of the month was the Belgian Waffle Ride, report to follow. The day turned into a hot one and despite not having that much heat training in the first half of the year I was able to get through the race and actually race rather than survive the event. The following week I had an aborted Everesting attempt; more lessons learned the hard way and then the following weekend another century. So in short three big back to back weekends.


June by comparison is a quiet month so I can focus on training for Crushar in the Tushar which is up early in July.