2016-17 Schedule

New Year new goals!

2016 continues the rolling bike year that was the last 9 months of 2015

Targeting a 10,000 mile year overall so whatever I end up with for the second half I will be rolling plenty of miles. As for the second half right now it’s wide open, maybe another Everesting or something like that…

2017 Scratchpad;
  • February; Rock Cobbler 4.0 - gravel 100ish miles
  • March; Strada Rosso IV - gravel 100ish miles
  • April; Mullholland Challenge - climbing challenge 12,000' 100ish miles
  • April; Belgium Waffle Ride - gravel 150ish miles
  • August; HooDoo500 - 3 day stage race 500ish miles