I have always been a runner, sometimes off sometime on...I grew up in England and for the most part during school I played team sports, rugby, field hockey and basketball, I dabbled a bit with tennis and was tall so I ended up on the athletics (track and field) team. I was on the field team competing in the long and triple jump. I never excelled at anything but was always in the middle of most things. I leaned how to ride horses and spent a couple of years after finishing High School traveling around Europe Show Jumping and the like. I got interested in Mountain Biking and did that on and off for years.

I ran here and there and spent seven years in the military where I dressed up as a bush  and ran around with a large pack strapped to my back. I am the one in camo with the rifle...
In 2000 I moved to California and fell in love with Mountain Biking again until moving to New York in 2004 where I worked too much, ate too much, traveled too much and gained 50lbs! I moved back to California in 2006 and started running to loose a bit of weight. New Years Eve 2006 I vowed to run a marathon before I was 40. In June 2007 I ran my first Marathon, two months before my birthday. In September that year I started Trail Running in November the same year I ran my first 50k. Since then I lost the 50lbs and a few more on top. I have also run another five Marathons and started eleven Ultras; finishing nine of them.
In late 2011 a dear friend said to me "yeah you could do an Ironman" so I started swimming; a lot! In November 2012 I finished Ironman Arizona!
2013 was a bit of a bust and I was sick for the first three months which meant I had to rethink the year's schedule. I also took a break from blogging as you can see from the drop in posts!

For 2104 my attention is spread across various cycling events... you can read more about my 2014 goals here.

My old profile used to say;  "You could say long distance running has become a habit! But be warned I keep moving the targets in much the same way as the horizon keeps moving…such is the lot of a runner!" It looks like the horizon will continue to move in 2014!

There are some other bits and pieces you might find interesting here...