Monday, July 23, 2007

Mixing it up!

As an early morning runner my out-of-the-door nutrition is a mix of Naked Superfood fruit juice and Whey Protein Powder, up until now I have been using a little Braun blender, it’s great but it mixes things so well that it actually creates a froth and often overflows the mixer-cup. While meandering the aisles of Whole Foods I discovered the perfect alternative, the Zyliss Quick Blender Shaker, it has an emulsifying ring, what’s that you say? Well it’s basically a very wide grate that allows the ingredients to be broken down and mixed and stops clumping and glooping; these are technical terms. Apparently you can also attach it to a blender and use it for making salad dressings and smoothies…just goes to show not all gadgets need to cost hundreds of dollars!

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