Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Company…the mile killer!

Cloudy and cool, it had been that all week, perfect for running. I awoke Sunday and when the sun came up there was nere a cloud in the sky! Twenty miles was on the plan, the first of nine 20+mile runs I have over the next twelve weeks. Fortunately the coolness still had a hold on the morning and the temperature was, like me; slow to climb!

Billy (L A Runner) had graciously agreed to join me on this run, deliberately chosen by me because of the amount of climbing. The route was more or less eight up eight down with a little detour to up the total to the required 20 miles, more importantly I wanted 4 hours on my feet, my long runs also have a time element to them to build up the ‘on my feet time’ into the teens as the runs get longer and longer over the coming weeks.

We started the run and were soon sucking Os, it really was a pipe opener to put you in your place and remind you who is who, as I said to Billy on the way, it’s this the determines who wins and who finishes; winners run up and finishers walk! I am clearly a finisher. The route is actually two joined together by a short section of road that offers a brief respite. Once we had got our legs and breathing under control (well I’ll speak for myself at least) the conversation was free flowing and easy, we slowly caught up on recent events and future plans, discussed books we had read and generally put the world to rights. Before long we were at the summit of Castro Peak some 2000’ higher than when we had started and heading back down. A short out and back detour onto the Backbone Trail for a mile or two put us on the final run down and we hit the starting point with around 19 miles on our Garmins and about 3:50 in time, wanting the extra mile and 10 minutes I ran back up for a half mile and back down again and finished up with just over the 20 miles.

I had promised a replen of chocolate milk; which I had kept cool in an ice bag and so we toasted each other and bid our farewells.

A great run only improved with good company, we both agreed that really makes the miles fly by, which I hope will be a sign of things come in September.

This was also the first of the series of scheduled back-to-back runs (albeit a small one) and I put in another 10.25 this morning before breakfast.

Thanks Billy, see you on the next one!

Some pictures and the MotionBased data:


  1. Beautiful scenery!! Great job on the run, and great company sure does make the time fly by!

  2. LOVED the pictures! :) what a great workout you guys had and those hills are no joke! Great job you will slay the 100 miler!

  3. Really pretty pictures. I love those trails! ;)

  4. That nice that you have someone to run with for 20 miles. Hey, are you still on running Mt. Dis in August?

  5. Great pics once again! And nice job getting it done.

  6. You are a TRAIL GOD. Having someone to share the time with always makes the dirt under your feet sweeter.

    chocolate soy is my fav following a long workout. what a treat!

  7. Now THOSE are hills! That Frank Shorter quote: Hills are speedwork in disguise. VERY true.

  8. Great running with ya Stuart - let's do it again soon!

  9. Every time I see your elevation charts...I simply shake my head. :)

  10. WOnderful Pictures indeed! COngratulations on the run! Just keep the fire burning! LEt the passion overcome every adversary! ; )

  11. Enjoy the long runs! Isn't it great when you're running 20+ miles for your long runs?! It's amazing what our bodies can do!

    You have such beautiful scenery.... I'm totally jealous.


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