Friday, September 2, 2011

August Deets!

Slipped off the wagon this month, it was, to be honest, expected, a combination of 17 days of travel and taper were the culprits.

  • 216 total miles (-272 over July)
  • 28:04 time, so about 7 hours a week (around a 5 hour per week loss)
  • 149 miles (July 197 miles) running in 20:28 (July 27:59)
  • 58 miles (June 287miles) cycling in 3:38 (July 17:23)
  • Remaining time was stretching, foam rolling etc and I am also trying to get to the P90X Ab Ripper workout 3 times a week, I managed only 3 times this month
  • Longest ride 25 miles – 1:30
  • Longest run 13.1 – 1:28 (A Race)
  • Starting weight 168lb ending 166.8lb (from 187 at end of April)
  • Nine rest days…well I was on vacation for 10 days!

Wow now I have written it down that was quite some difference, but in all fairness it was all targeted towards my A race and my goal which was achieved. So with mission accomplished  I am mixing it up a bit. According to my training bible I should be able to run a 3:09 marathon…I am not so sure but I think I could land somewhere between 3:20 and 3:30 and to be honest with the HM training in the bank I am shifting focus onto the Marathon.

Now this means that I need to look at what I had planned so I am nixxing the Eco Marathon, to be honest it was an expensive race to enter and the hotel and boat trip only made it more so so for around 50% I am all signed up for:


Training started this week…here we go again!


  1. Catalina is beautiful, but heck yes, expensive. Really cool you are going for a full marathon now and another "crazy" finish-time.

  2. same weekend as IM Florida and the week before my marathon. Coolio. Let's get it on!!!


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