Monday, June 30, 2014

Vineman; Week 9

This week was by far the biggest week of the plan. I was reminded by Becca that my bricks were really not that big and that my long runs were not that long. This is, in my opinion, the flaw in the plan, it’s not quite big enough for a Half Ironman, although that will really be tested out race day. With that all being said this is how the week shook out

Monday; Brick. The Sufferfest Fight Club followed by a 50 minute treadmill run

Tuesday; a double. Interval run; WU 10 minutes easy and 10 minutes drills, MS 25 X 30 seconds on/off RPE 9/3, CD 10 minutes easy. In the evening there was a swim, the main set of which is 25x50s with 15 seconds Rest Interval

Wednesday; The Sufferfest Blender, a solid hour and forty five in the bank and  a new TrainerRoad PR for 90 minutes


Thursday; Swim, WU 3x100 300 pull MS 4X400 CD 200 easy

Friday; off

Saturday; Brick. Another big swim WU 3x100 1x300 pull, MS 17 x 100...lost it in middle, CD 200 easy

Followed by 2 hours on the bike

Sunday; Brick. 56 Mile ride in just over 3:08 lots of Z2/3, very windy around the halfway point which bled a mile per hour off my speed from 19mph average to less than 18. Followed by a tough but completed one hour run, it was hot and hard but it got done


So for the week,

  • 10 workouts, 13:26:24 and 166.47 miles
  • 4 bikes 8:12:10 143.79 miles
  • 3 runs 2:43:46 18.76 miles
  • 3 swims 2:30:28 6900 yards

One more week and then it’s shave and taper time!

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