Friday, March 25, 2016


Fortunately the bike, not me!

I have been looking for a “hard-to-find” 3T Cycling Arx Team Stem for my road bike for months. 3T have redesigned the graphics on the more recent stems and I was looking for one to match the Doric Team Stem. I was also looking for a slightly longer one 120mm vs the existing 90mm Pro that’s currently mounted.

The end result I wanted was a slightly more aggressive position. When I fitted the stem I inverted it to the -6 degree drop. This would have the effect of making me longer and lower. This would close the angle of my hips a little but it should not be overly impactful. The joy of riding for hours on a trainer is that I would have plenty of time to figure it out if I was having problems.


A week in I am having no issues and as you can see it all looks purdy…and as we know that’s what counts!

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