Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review; Rocket Pure, Sunscreen, Balm, Friction Therapy & Shoe Deodorizer

So summer is behind us, well you know for Southern California! With the mercury hitting 100f last week September proved to be the usual toasty month that everyone kind of expects but hopes that won’t arrive!

The good folks over at Rocket Pure sent me a host of samples to try during the summer and now is the time to write them all up. I have to confess that I shared the box with Becca and so some of the comments are hers and are noted as such below. Additionally some things I haven’t gotten to yet either so I will have to circle back on those!


From Rocket Pure’s website;

“At Rocket Pure, we believe that nature has it correct, so why add non-natural and harsh chemicals to products that go on our skin? Athletes want to take care of their bodies to keep them doing what they love best: moving. So why put something on your body that goes against all of this. That’s why we’ve created our products from nature, for natural athletes. You won’t find harsh toxins or chemicals in our products. That’s right, no:

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Dyes
  • GMOs

In some of our products you will find preservatives. But some preservatives are ok, and here’s why:

All products are prone to bacteria growth, which would make our products ineffective. Fortunately there are preservatives derived from natural sources and so we use those in our products.”

So here is a summary of everything that we have put to the test over the preceding months

All Natural Sunscreen SPF30; the first thing I grabbed was the Sunscreen. Despite cultivating my tan lines Sunscreen is important! No this is not your usual rub on and forget to reapply and then burn. This stuff goes on and stays on and keeps working. I wore one application for up to 6 hours without any issues. I was warned that it was thick and it was not your “put some on for a walk to the coffeeshop” cream and it’s not. It lasts and leaves white zinc oxide schmear when applied. But it works!

Hand & Foot Balm; Becca grabbed this! She applied is post run and post shower. She applied it and wore socks, so as not to wipe it off on the carpet. It does a great job of moisturizing “dry, tough runner’s feet” her words and feet not mine! It smells nice; clean and lemony and herbal (not floral) and you done’t smell like food or shower cleaner!

Rugged Rescue Skin Balm; Becca went for this too and again used on her feet! Again post run and shower using the sock method. This defiantly made my feet feel “cool, almost soothing”. It wasn’t thick of greasy and was easily absorbed. A pleasant smell it’s a bit more rustic than the hand balm but doesn’t smell like furniture polish!

All Natural Chap Stick; once on this was great. The challenge was getting it on, it’s pretty thick and tended to crumble some. Felt really nice though, didn’t disappear in 30 minutes! No funny taste either. Probably really good for skiing or really windy or dry days when you are more exposed to the elements

Friction Therapy Anti Chafe Balm; I typically don’t use a chamois crème. On the whole I have no real need but I tried this several times. It goes on pretty thick but soon breaks down to an almost frictionless gel. Given where it goes you want this to be as issue less as possible and this did the exactly as described. It washed out pretty easily too. No nasty leftovers. It has a mild smell mostly from the Tea Tree oil.

Friction Terapy Anti Chafe Balm Stick; this was “wind up deodorant” stick type of the Balm. You apply it by rubbing in on the skin, as opposed to the Balm which is applied to the chamois. In a similar way it broke down into a frictionless gel and just did the job of not letting anything chafe!

Peppermint Shoe Deodorizer; I really wish I had this for when I was Ironman training, my Tri shoes were horrible and many is the time they had to sleep outside the night before race day! I had no worries about critters running off with them…they were pungent! Now my cycling shoes are a lot less so thanks to socks but after 5500 miles…yes I track mileage on my shoes they are not a bed of roses. I quick spritz of this did the job and my shoes smelt like they had been given a Tic-Tac each…minty fresh!

So that leaves the Cooling and Reviving foot and shoe powders to try! I’ll being writing those up in that in the coming weeks.

Definitely targeted at the athlete who training regimen is taking its toll on the body these go above and beyond your typical drug store options. They are the heavy hitters of prevention and recovery.

The products are available through their own online store or various other online outlets as well as selected store around the country. Things vary in price and start at $13.99 for the Rescue Balms. These are perfect little treats for yourself and would make great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays!

This Product was free of charge by the good folks at Rocket Pure. See previous gear reviews on the tab above. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at

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