Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Parted with hard earned cash (no refunds) and committed myself to the to the Bulldog 50k. Its three days before my 40th...what a way to spend it, my wife just looked at me, sighed and said "don't you just want to have a BBQ for your birthday?"

Here's a topographical map image, from Google Earth, remember it's two laps with 22.7 miles of fire roads, 8.0 miles of single-track trails. This includes two 4-mile climbs up Bulldog Mountain to 2,528' elevation, the route runs anti-clockwise.


  1. Wow. Maybe that backyard barbeque isn't such a bad idea....
    This looks like a gruesome ordeal to me, but hey, you're just a baby. Good luck!

  2. That is so awesome. What a tough course! I think that is a great way to spend a birthday. I'm really excited for you!!


  3. You're young. Go for it. BTW, nice site you have here. I like it.Especially mixing in all the Motionbased stuff and the Google topo maps!


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