Monday, September 10, 2007

The Road to Recovery...Pt 9 (Bell curves, pace and shoes)

Last week went well; in fact it went very well. Three good runs, 7.27, 8.25 and 11. 84 for a total of 27.36 miles; that’s over double my total mileage for August and puts me on target for a 100+ month, less than half my peak of 238 miles in April but a start. I am still restricted to running on the flat and that means walking up and down the hill to my house but that does mean that all my graphing gives me a nice bell curve, (and yes, the time is correct 5:31am) although it throws of my pace using Nike+, that's one advantage of a Forerunner; it provides a greater depth of analysis and as a standard will record the distance (mile) splits and allows you to create additional spilts - such as walking up and down hills.

My pace is improving, around 8 minute miles for the shorter distances and 8:45 for the long run, an improvement of nearly a minute a mile from two weeks ago and all pain free. I am now running full time in my orthotics and wear them all day every day, in fact the one day I forgot to switch them into a different pair of shoes I felt out of balance…just goes to show!

After a long discussion with the folks at Road Runners, I have ordered a pair of Asics Kayano 13s as they should offer a little more cushioning and last a little longer than the 300 miles that I average out of my Asics 2120s. I get a 60 day trial on them to see if they could be new shoe for me.


  1. Way to go, SLB. Your patience is really paying off. Do you think you'll make any Winter races?

  2. Thanks, it's been a long journey with many lessons learned along the way. As for Winter races I hope to get a couple of 10ks and maybe the Long Beach Half Marathon in October, I have also been eying up the Xterra SoCal series. My targeted 50k for February; The Twin Peaks 50k is full, so I am looking at the Calico 50k but I just don't know if I want to drive the 400 miles roundtrip! I may just end up jumping into the Leona Divide feet first, so to speak!


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