Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sick of being sick...

So like 90% of the country we have a household of sickies. With New Years Eve spent…eh, well blogging! Such is the life of parents. We did throw a New Years Day lunch party so the "Eve"was also baking, moving furniture and figuring the final menu out night. Anyway along with the shopping for and clearing up after aforementioned party Monday and Tuesday were written off, added to which I picked up our new lounge rug from Pottery Barn and managed to crick my neck which has increased the joy around here. Now we are all left looking at our nice new rug, sniffing for Britain; fortunately the cold is masking the smell of IcyHot emanating from my shirt collar and wondering when the writers strike will end...thankyou TiVo and Netflix!. Out eldest went back to school today so you can pretty much guarantee new germs sometime soon and the new arrival, who is nearly three months old, sounds like an old man snoring away with a congested nose in the bassinet…fun times!

Anyway this week is officially a write off, I shoot for 15-20 miles on Saturday and I think that’ll be a push…we’ll see. Hopefully I can shake it all off for next weekend's race, oh yes one upbeat item of news; my new Dirty Girl Gaiters arrived...very sexy!


  1. I knew you had a baby in the house but I didn't realize he/she was so young. My gosh it's a miracle that you can even get some running or any workouts in LOL

  2. Rest up and I hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. Dirty Girl Gaiters... what a name for a product. LOL!

    Our entire house had the flu just the other week. it took me almost two weeks before I felt like I had the energy to keep up with my plan.

    Just listen to your body and use this time for reading, resting, and dreaming about all of your upcoming races this year. Looks like a great list.

  4. Hopefully everyone gets well soon!

  5. Feel better soon! And aren't the Dirty Girls cool? I love them!

  6. Yeah, tell me about it. I cannot shake this cold at all.
    It bums me out since I cannot run at all.

    I used to work in a school, and I can tell you that when they came back to school, I was always sick.

  7. Get lots of rest. I hope you feel better.


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