Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's getting hot in here...

...so take off to the coast.

Southern California has been experiencing a little heat wave for the past week, temperatures have been in the triple digits for most of the last week with the high on out front patio topping out at 114 degrees, great practice conditions for Badwater but that’s about it. Sunday I threw the bike rack on the car and headed west to the coastal road, it was already 84 at 6:30 in the morning when I left and I didn’t fancy the slog through the canyons in the heat. A nice ride on the rollers up and down Pacific Coast Highway would make for a pleasant Sunday morning, plus I wanted to try out some new aerobars that I fitted during the week.

It was an uneventful ride, three hours of saddle time and a fraction of a mile under 50 miles. The aerobars took a little getting used to and there was a definite wobble the first few times I settled into them, there’s a noticeable aerodynamic improvement but I think I’ll need to adjust my saddle, I am having a little tissue-issue (gezundheit) around the three to four hour mark and while the Selle SLC and company looks tempting weightwise, I think there is a lot to be said for comfort and I may even try the ISM Adamo saddle as recommended by Wes perhaps a trip to my LBS for a fitting would be a good course of action, input from cyclists welcome here.

The weather is forecast to cool down over this week and should lead to a nice weekend, thanks to Burger I am going to head over to LA's westside and see how the Trail Runners Club does it.

Pictures can be found here and here’s the Forerunner data:


  1. holy...

    50 miles on Sunday?? It was hotter than death out there that day.

    You've got some big brass ones my friend.

    Hope you make it out Sunday!

  2. Dang I can't believe those temps. I'd probably just do nothing :P

  3. I'd like to start riding my bike again, but since we've had a dog, I just feel so guilty leaving her home when she'd love to go for a run. Your coastal ride sounds fantastic.

  4. A fitting is a definite must, and I'm just now getting used to my new saddle. Of course, the "soft tissue" has been blissfully happy all this time. Its the old tissue that's getting rubbed in new and exciting ways that's complaining ;-)

    Stay cool :-)

  5. We had a heat wave a couple of weeks ago. And I couldn't bring myself to workout in it. You're better than me. Hope there's cooler weather soon.

  6. Nice route - along the ocean. I miss the ocean, I need Maryland to sink into the Atlantic. That would give me my ocean back.


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