Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another week of hay in the barn…

Another Sunday night and another week of training in the bank…in fact I had in the bank by 6:45am Friday!

Monday Interval Ladder: 2m w/u 400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400 with 400 RI, 1m cd


Wednesday 5 miles at mid tempo pace, that’s a 6:53 pace, I smiled when I saw it was only 5 miles, 35 minutes later I was very happy that it was only 5, this was sheer bloody hard work!


Friday 1m w/u 9 miles at HM+20 seconds (7:13) 1m c/d…this was also tough and not pretty!


Like I said my training log:

I was a little worried about this run, too many late and broken nights and 40+ running miles in the preceding 5 days were catching up with me. Looks like my worries were well grounded, couldn't quite get up to speed and 2 or 3 miles were just plain horrible. It reinforces the need for rest days and solid nights sleep especially with the alarm going off at 4:30am everyday. All that being said it's actually nice to know "why" it didn't go quite right. On the bright side it's only the end of week 2 so I have till the end of August to dial in all in.”

Tuesday and Wednesday were recovery runs  but I think the overall accumulation just caught up with me! Anyway Friday night my wife and I headed out of LA for a short weekend in Big Bear, we arrived at a reasonable hour had a great meal and were in bed by 9:30pm…10 hours later I woke up, so yeah I think the week had caught up with me! Saturday we did a couple of hikes, well one hike and a nice stroll along the lake. Here are the best of the photos. I also got to put the finishing miles on a pair of GoLite Tara Lites…review to follow!


Being a product reviewer can be hell at times!

Sunday we headed back into LA early and taking full advantage of our baby sitter, I took my bike out for a spin and to get some much needed cross training in. I choose a local ride that had some rollers and some smallish climbing. I wanted to ride with a high cadence so I wasn't mashing in the big gear all the time and try to up my average speed, it seemed to work. Average cadence was 89 just shy of targeted 90 but my average speed was much higher than it has been of late! Of course maxing out at 39.9 mph coming down the big hill didn't do any harm!


So on with Week 3


  1. Stuart, looks like you are on the roll at the moment.

    It reinforces the need for rest days and solid nights sleep especially with the alarm going off at 4:30am everyday.

    Very wise words, just had to put into praxis sometimes. I read just recently somewhere that at that kind of training load you should get nine hours sleep regularly. But how can you go to bed at 7:30pm... :-)

    Looks like you had a very nice weekend. Great photos.

  2. Quality runs! I pat myself on the back if I do 1 workout per week... 3 would be the end of the world or something :)


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