Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Race Sim’ & Hay Gathering!

So my blogging has been distilled down to training recaps and product reviews! I suppose this is inevitable as this is really my main focus, the training plan that is! So with five weeks to go before race day I thought I would try a race simulation…hey why not! There’s enough hay in the barn* to see how much more I might need and enough time to go and get a bit more…anyway enough of the farming talk! image

Room for some more….we’ll see?

So Saturday I dropped my family off at LAX as they departed on their vacation, I will be joining them in three weeks time! From there I headed to my old training ground of Will Rogers State Beach just north of Santa Monica, I used to train here a lot, nearly everyday and it would serve as a perfect simulated route for race day course: pancake flat!

The idea was to hit the 13.1 miles at a 6:53 pace and finish with seconds left to run a 1:29:xx time. That was the plan…here is the reality…this didn’t go as well as I hoped, here’s the deets:

1m 7:35 131bpm 87rpm – warm up
1m 6:41 162bpm 92rpm
1m 6:52 171bpm 92rpm
1m 6:43 175bpm 92rpm – HR redlining!
1m 7:00 176bpm 91rpm
1m 7:13 171bpm 90rpm – had to back off
1m 7:20 167bpm 89rpm
1m 7:22 170bpm 90rpm
1m 7:22 169bpm 90rpm
1m 7:25 172bpm 91rpm
1m 7:34 173bpm 89rpm – there goes one wheel!
1m 7:40 162bpm 89rpm – now I am going backwards!
1m 7:24 169bpm 90rpm
.1m 0:46 176bpm 91rpm – push at the end

Final tally 1:35 and change, so the good news is that this is actually nearly 2 ½ minutes faster than my actual HM PR, the bad news is that I still have some work to do and to an extent I do know what went wrong; which is also good news:

  • Went out too fast post warm up
  • Underfueled; I started some 4 ½ hours later than I normally start
  • No hydration; rookie mistake, but runningin the cool mornings I just don’t need it
  • I overheated; running later in the day meant that it was just a lot hotter than I am used to, I have lovely HR strap tan lines!
  • All I had was coffee which added to my overheating

So what to do well all of these are addressable so the thing to do is address them…, so let me think, errr steady my pace, eat something, and drink something…see easy really! Oh and run faster next time; 311 seconds faster to be precise, that's 24 seconds a mile faster!

Obviously I need some more hay!

*On a side note, looking for the image to steal, borrow use I googled “hay in a barn”…people are weird is all can say!


  1. I just had to look twice to check if those were one miles! You've have not been lazy my friend;-)

  2. Weird for posing in the hay? I got fairly normal pics when I googled for fun :)

    Those are great paces, especially in the heat and high sun!


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