Monday, July 4, 2011

Things to do list…

image Come the last weeks of July I am going to be at a loose end with myself! My wife and kids are leaving town for a trip to the East Coast and then onto the UK. I will be joining them in the UK but I have 2 1/2 weekends completely at my disposal! What to do? Here’s a shortlist:

R2R2R – Grand Canyon, could I knock out 46 miles in one day…maybe two days?

Tour de Big Bear – 50m bike ride at around 8000’?

Hike Mt Baldy – tried that a couple of years ago and blew up!

SF Half Marathon – I know loads of people doing this! SOLD OUT!

Mammoth Quake and Shake Half Marathon – 13.1 miles at 8000’?

A 5k or 10k…there are a few of those.

Spend a weekend lost at the Spearmint Rhino…ok this one maybe not!

Any other suggestions, I am willing to travel a bit too, which is good as there really is jack going on in SoCal, it's too hot?

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  1. The Grand Canyon is my list too. But, July is not a good month to try R2R2R unless you think Badwater is not enough of a challenge.


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