Friday, August 26, 2011

Review; The ClipE

Sometimes the most simple of things are overlooked, if like me, and the majority of runners, cyclists, triathletes, gym rats (the list kinda goes on), you wear an iPod, let’s just call it that but I know it could be a mp3 player, an iPhone, Blackberry etc when you work out there is often the issue of cable management. With the best will in the world they do tend to get caught up on things, sometime resulting in the most unceremonious “pop” as your earbud is forcefully extracted…sometimes it’s a little more extreme, see the video below!

image Enter The ClipE, put simple this little device attaches to your headphone cables and then to your shirt, vest or even your hat/visor   and avoids that flaying flapping cable.

Seems too simple right! Well like I say sometimes simple does. To use you feed the cables through until they are in place after that you “clip” it to and voila you’re all set.

And that ladies and gentlemen is simple!

Just to reinforce the point

Available online through Amazon for $7.95 you can choose a fancy schmancy design one or plain and simple colored, there are 9 to choose from!

So with my readers in mind I have one to give away. It will come as no surprise that the usual things will get you an entry.

Show them some love on Facebook will get you an entry, follow them on Twitter and tweeting this message gets you another;

I have just entered the @Quadrathon contest to win a @myclipe you can too at

Add a link on your blog to this post for a third. Leave a comment below telling what you’ve done (honor system folks) and I will draw a winner this coming Sunday and get it in the mail as soon as I have winners addresses!

Have fun!

This product was provided by Amna at  Mocha7 Media If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at


  1. Posting a link to this giveaway on my blog.

  2. My husband would LOVE that skull and cross bones one! Totally match his bell on his bike (I'm dead serious, LMAO).

  3. That is a very cool product.

    That's me in the video every time I am on the dreadmill..... my hand hits the wire, causing the tug, and the balance issues. Just waiting for the fall :(


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