Saturday, November 17, 2012

Race eve…a bunch of photos, cos that’s what you want right?

I am checked in and processed. The whole process takes several days;

  • Day 1 drive here
  • Day 2 packet pick up, expo (shopping!) quick ride, athletes dinner (skipped in lieu of a really good vegan restaurant) athlete briefing
  • Day 3 Practice swim, drop off bike, pack transition bags wander around a bit and be surprised when it’s 5:00pm that’s about an hour ago now!

Some observations;

  • The water is cold, the practice swim is such a good idea, it took a good 15 minutes to get used to it…now add 2499 other people and let’s see how it is!
  • 2500 is a shitload of bikes! Let’s guestimate $2500 per bike, trust me I have seen both ends of the spectrum today; that’s $6,250,000 worth of bikes down by the river!
  • The Beeline highway has been resurfaced…so smooth!
  • There are 900 Ironman virgins at this race…including me!
Ok I could go on but here are some pictures!
Testing out the new aero helmet on the Beeline Highway
image IMG_7219
Processed…kinda funny to see I am representing Team GB, me and Leanda Cave are here!
image image

Yeah I am a Hybrid!


Bags packed, CW top left, Morning clothes, Run special needs, Bike special needs, T2, T1…doesn’t look much right…
I like it simple

IMG_7238 IMG_7243

Bike drop off…it’s a shit load of bikes!


T1 and T2 bags

All that’s left is to apply the Tri Tats that I picked up…this is how you do it right?


Here’s the race strategy based on my LT testing;


Oh one other thing.

Ok after a couple of walks back and to the a parking lot my race GPS is working here are the links, the pc link is for the actual race, the others are for the App downloads where you look up the race and then me, 'cos I know you all have nothing else to do on Sunday
On a pc

And a massive thank you to everyone...I am really feeling the love here in Tempe!


  1. Enjoyed the pics. Good luck and have some fun (hard fun!)

  2. Good luck Stuart (yes, I'm delurking for a bit). Have a great race!

  3. Simple is a good thing!! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about this is beautiful, but scares me since it's so different from my normal would be hard to prepare, but I'd love to race the course!! Good Luck...I'm watching!!

  4. Good luck man! hoping you have tailwinds all day!!!


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