Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Everesting Reschedueld

So per my last post I am rescheduling my Everesting Ride pushing it out about a month from the original date of October 23rd. This has some advantages and disadvantages but as I am reliant on Becca for support and she is reliant on her shoulder there was not much I could do. The plan now is do complete the ride the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend on November 29th. I am hoping that this will mean that the roads will be a bit quieter in general as most people will be travelling to or from relatives and that the segment will be a bit quieter as a result.

The downside is that I lose a month’s worth of daylight but that is offset against the fact that it’s two day after a full moon. Whether in October or November I was going to need lights and I am testing some options for those. Garmin have sent me a set of Varia lights to use as well.


The other upside will be that the weather will have cooled off, but I run the risk of inclement weather. If it’s raining chances are it’s off, not that I am made of sugar but it’s just not worth the risk, wiping myself or my bike out on the road is just not an option!

So this means that I have to extend the training another 4 weeks. I’ll be honest and say at this point it’s not only a physical challenge but a mental one too. It will add about another 1000 miles on top of the 4500 ridden since May.

I have a couple of events coming up to break up the training'; a Sufferfest Trifecta of 3 new videos in a day. The Mike Nosco Memorial Ride, 80 miles and 12,000’ of gain and 12 Hours of Temecula Mountain Bike Race, I rode the 6 Hours race last year so I have pretty good understanding of what to expect…just double it, right?!?

That’s it for now, stay tuned!

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