Friday, October 7, 2016

Seven Suggestions for Cycling Podcasts

My iPhone is usually chocked full of Podcasts but in this list I am sharing seven that focus on cycling and that I find compelling listening.

Having had a podcast of my own that lasted a good 50 episodes I am fully aware of how much work goes into the production and for many of these it’s a labor of love rather than a revenue stream! I am staggered at the production quality of these shows and I am very grateful for the time invested by their creators.

Presented below in alphabetical order here is an easy way to burn through a good 5 or 6 hours a week!

Ask A Cycling Coach – TrainerRoad Podcast. The Podcast is presented in a Q&A format with the Qs being provided by Users and the As coming from Coach Chad Timmerman (USAC L1 Coach) Jonathan Lee (USAC L2 Coach) and Nate Pearson (TrainerRoad CEO and Ironman Triathlete). There is a smattering of one off shows with pertinent interviews as well as anecdotal renditions of the presenter’s experiences, most recently they all raced the Wheelers and Dealers CX race at Cross Vegas, Episode 58. The three person panel does a great job of addressing all the questions asked and there is a great depth of knowledge from these three experienced racers and riders. If you have a question about training using power or about using TrainerRoad hit them up and you may have it answered “on air”! Episodes air once a week.
Crosshairs Radio. The clue is in the name and this Podcast is dialed in on and focused on one thing only; Cyclocross. It’s very inside baseball, which is great if like me you are inclined to find something and immerse yourself in it. Presented by Bill Schieken, who is best described as obsessed, there is a good but dated interview here. He is the author of Skills Drills and Bellyaches, A Cyclocross Primer, which I have just ordered and will review in the coming weeks. Each week is a mix of content. There are a lot of interviews with riders (Episode 43 has a great one Sven Nys), folks from the industry of Cyclocross (Episode 35 with Richard Nieuhuis of Dugast Tires) and Race Reports; most recently CrossVegas from Las Vegas. Episodes air 2-3 times a month, more frequently in Cross Season!
Cycle Systems Academy Podcast. Get ready to get your geek on. 30-60 minutes spent in the weeds! Seriously deep into the weeds! Topics included ball bearings, types of tires you could possibly mount onto your wheels and even the size shape and softness of the nobbles on your tires! Fundamentally the bicycle is a pretty simple machine but the amount of technology that goes into each part is quite staggering and the guys are quite happy to discuss each and every one of them at great detail and depth. If you have any inspiration to roll up your sleeves and start wrenching on your bike this podcast gives you many many starting points. Alternatively it could scare the jeepers out of you and have you running to the hills…or at least to your local bike shop! Episodes air every 2-3 weeks.
CyclingTips Podcast. This is a smogasbord of content and it’s all interesting. The Cycling Tips blog/website is very well established and covers all things bike including pro racing, technology and news. This is an extension and companion to the website, there is some cross over but a lot of the topics are standalone. There was a great three show series from on the ground at this year’s Tour de France which gave you a lot of insight into the glamor, or lack thereof, of covering the race! There is a varying rotation of presenters from the Cycling Tips staff who all cover varying news “beats” with the show being anchored by Eldon Nelson aka The Fat Cyclist. It’s a fairly new podcast with only 13 episodes. Episodes air every 2-3 weeks.
The DC Rainmaker Podcast. If you have been hiding under the same rock mentioned above you will never have heard of DCRainmaker. I am pretty sure if you’re reading this you haven’t been hiding so I will skip the preamble. This is a Q&A podcast hosted by Ben of TRS (The Real Starky) fame. Soft and short reviews of the newest products, commentary on and from trade events as well as some answered questions (mostly from Brits!) on the latest technology offerings. As you would expect the focus is mostly on triathlon and cycling but does touch on all things sports tech. At face value Ben and Ray would seem like odd co-hosts but they play off each other very well, the banter is light and it is easy and rewarding listening. Episodes air once a week.
The Peloton Brief Podcast; Real Talent with Phil Gaimon. Phil Gaimon is a pro cyclist for Cannondale. He doesn’t take himself too seriously or at least that’s his persona, kinda, sorta, when you look closely he is a pretty serious guy. He rides hard and he asks hard but good questions in his Podcast. The format is interview/chat/reminiscing format and it can sound like a couple of pals catching up over a cup of espresso. The guest list is made up of friends of Phil and from friends of friends. It’s presented in conjunction with The Peloton Brief which brings to the table “the tales of things cyclists do when they are not riding bikes”, Phil follows this brief really well. Episode air in Seasons of 6, Season 2 just launched.

 The SoCal Cyclist Podcast. Hosted by Brian Coy this podcast is, as evidenced, in the title focused (mostly) on Southern California and specifically on the area south of Los Angeles; OC to San Diego. Due to the location focus it is a little inside baseball but you soon get an understanding of the the local venacular, the area, races and clubs. It’s an interview format bookended with some co-host banter and the odd product review. Brian is a Crit racer so there is a leaning towards that with some of his guests. That said he is pretty well networked and has done a great job of pulling folks from all walks of the cycling life in SoCal to the table. He is an easy speaking and articulate interviewer. He has the rare gift of asking a question and then letting the guest answer, listening and then following up. This puts his guests at ease and teases out great interviews and stories. Episodes air once a week.

So there you go seven podcasts for you to check out that cover a broad range of topics and from a very diverse group of hosts/presenters/creators!

I know I missed a lot off this list so leave a comment with your suggestions.

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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I already listened to a couple but didn't know about Cycle Systems Academy and Crosshairs Radio. Sound like excellent editions to my queue! Now if there were just more hours in the day so I can keep up with them all.


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