Monday, October 3, 2016

CX Training Week 3

Week 3, the third build week which ends in a race and is then followed by a rest week.

Monday Pettit -1 Easy TSS filler followed by 2000m on rower


Tuesday The Chimneys+5 5x6-minute Big Gear Start intervals which each start with a 30-second wind-up at 130% FTP in the biggest gear you can turn. Then, the 5 post-start minutes of Threshold work begin at 95% and ascend up to 105% FTP in a gear that allows you to spin at a more reasonable, 85-95rpm cadence.  Each recovery between intervals is 5 minutes long


Wednesday Pettit 75 minutes endurance ride


Thursday Dade+3 Dade +3 is four sets of 4x2-minute VO2max repeats at 120%FTP. 2 minutes of recovery falls between Intervals and 5 minutes of easy spinning separates each set.


Friday Townsend. Townsend consists simply of 1.5 hours of Aerobic Endurance spent between 60-70% FTP. Cut short and missed the last 15 minutes, not too worried.


Saturday Koip. Switched tomorrow's Endurance ride to today as racing tomorrow. Koip consists of nearly 2.5 hours of aerobic Endurance riding spent between 60-75% FTP.


Sunday. Krosstoberfest. You can read the race report here


So a solid week with over 173 miles, nearly 11 hours and my CX cherry popped!

Next week is a rest/step back week. I am kinda looking forward to it!

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