Saturday, November 19, 2016

Amerithon Completion

I started the Ameriton Challenge back in July, July 4th to be precise. The goal was to have it completed by Thangsgiving. 3521 Miles in 143 days. This averaged out at 25 miles a day or 172 miles a week. This wasn’t too lofty a goal as it allowed for the ebb and flow of a training plan which would have down weeks.

So today I crossed the finish line. A mere 5 days earlier than expected. I have to say that it was a bit touch and go and I had a streak of riding everyday that lasted 8 weeks. I’'ll spare you a bajillion screenshots but here’s the fully filled in medal I got! It is by far the biggest peice of bling I have!


There was a super supportive Facebook group that continues to go on, while I biked there are plenty of people running or walking the route. The online Milestones made it a lot of fun too and you could judge were you were on the map that was provided.

Overall a nice easy challenge that got ticked off along the way. I like these virtual challenges, they’re perfect for someone who is self motivated and like to see progression and accumulation!

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