Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Summary

November ended up as the smallest month in terms of overall mileage accumulation. It wasn’t that much of a surprise as it was one with events on most weekend and maintaining a high volume of training and tapering as such are always in conflict with each other. Throw into the mix a trip to Arizona to support Becca’s Ironman and the numbers just didn’t accumulate. Its put me further behind on the annual mileage goal of 10,000 miles but that was only ever a B list target in the end!

So this is how things shook out. In case you are wondering I haven’t taken up walking, that’s the running around at Ironman Arizona!


You can read about the specific events by clicking the links below;

Mike Nosco Memorial Ride

SLOCross CX Weekend

Death Valley Century

Ironman Arizona – Becca’s Race Report

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