Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February's Quad challenge begins

And they're off...TeeW throws down an early Gauntlet for the 1 mile with a quick 5:59, slower than his January winning time of 4:47, but no doubt that he will be working up (or down to that time) in the coming weeks.
There are three 10k times already posted and the challenge has only been running 45 minutes or so Quine1 is heading the field with 42:17 . In the 5K TeeW is in the #1 spot proving that he is more than just a sprinter.

There are over 90 challengers in each category so it will be a busy two weeks, remember this challenge only lasts two weeks to allow us to restart on March 1st.

Have fun and run long and fast and check back from time to time.

PS don't forget to add yourself to the map below, so far we have folks from North America, South America and Europe.

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