Friday, May 9, 2008

A little something for the weekend!

I picked up my bike yesterday after it had undergone major surgery. Old, oily and worn bits were cut away and discarded and new, shiny and smooth ones installed in their place. In addition to the new wheels a new crankset, chain and cassette were fitted, my old pedals; Speedplay X5s were refitted and the result is what you see in the photo; bike porn! I took him for a spin, well as much of a spin as you can on a trainer last night and there was never a mistimed gear change and the chain purred like a content cat having his tummy rubbed. I was scheduled to ride a century this week but there is a household activity conflict; my wife has a training hike for her Mt Whitney climb next month, I wanted to go cycling and that left...errr no one to look after the little ones. A quick whiz around the internet and I had found another ride in a couple of weeks, which actually looks a better one, problem solved!

Talking about the weekend, as I am sure everyone, read guys, knows this weekend is Mother’s day (in the US), do yourself a favor and don’t forget it, get out there and get a little something for your mother and the mother of your children, for the weekend; you know it’s worth it!


  1. good advice...and good thing the kids got my parents one giant mother's day/father's day/anniversary present this year. we're good for 2008 :)

    enjoy the shiny ride!

  2. Thanks for the comment over at my place. I live just down the road from Port Merrion :) and yes it was very wet last year. I am sitting here in fron of my laptop with my shiny new XT's ready for there first run this morning. My challenge is an 8 mile route up Snowdon going via the miners track. I am also doing the Snowdon Marathon this year. :)

  3. I already got my mom her gift, and she loved it. I am a super-duper daughter.

  4. Ooo la la, bike porn ;-)

    Dude, you totally have to get a jail installed in your house. That's what we do for our kids. LOL JK!!

    Oooo and totally unrelated but I have a question for the "Man Who Has Every Running Gadget and Gizmo Ever Created" LOL. Have you ever tried the Nathan Speed 4 Belts? I was thinking about it but wanted some feedback first . . .

  5. Mmmm....drooling.

    Congrats. Now you will get dozens of hits a day from people googling "bike porn". It happened with me and runners porn.


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