Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little something for the weekend...hopefully!

So those of you looking for the Week 2 results of Swap Beat will have to wait an extra day, I tallied everyone’s losses and then promptly forget to email myself the spreadsheet so it is stuck at work, check back later today, however we do have two new winners!

Anyway as 2008 draws to a close minds are planning 2009. I myself find myself straddling this year’s end and next years start with a late 'A' race in ’08 and an early 'A' race in ’09; more on next year later.

I am within a month of this cycle’s 'A' race; Twin Peaks 50 miler and this weekend, fingers crossed, I’ll be on the start line of my penultimate tuning race; PCTR Pt Mugu 50k. It seems hard to imagine that this will be the anniversary of my first ultra marathon. This time last year I was undecided on what distance to run and in fact whether to run at all, I was just coming off of injury and had kept open the option of bailing at the 30k and 40k mark you can read the race report here. I say fingers crossed as last week, albeit a week late, I had my little surgery I am now on the mend, I have a follow up visit this Thursday and hope to get one run and a bike in this week. I was hoping for a gentle five miler last night but it just felt too soon; without going into graphic details the bruising looks like I came off worse after three rounds with a pit pull with lockjaw, so we’ll see how things go later today. I’ll taper as such Friday and Saturday and that’ll be that. While it is a training run I do have some goals. In order of increasing appreciation:

3rd: Finish; never assumed
2nd: New 50K PR this would be sub 6:34
1st: Sub 6 hours; my epiphany was 5:54

So plenty of things to play for and with the following weekend being Thanksgiving it’s very likely that this will be the last long run (20m+) before Twin Peaks so it had better be a good one. Having run it last year the good thing is that I know the course however the bad thing is that I know the course. Here’s the elevation profile, I’ll let you decide if you would sooner be surprised or not!


  1. That is the craziest elevation profile I've ever seen - good luck!

  2. One month away till your A race, how exciting...Man the determination it takes to get that long run in Thanksgiving weekend, awesome.

  3. That elavation profile is SICK!

    You said: three rounds with a pit pull with lockjaw....

    Trying very hard not to comment..LOL!!

    You are the kingpin of product reviews by the way. Previous report was full of great info! Still waiting on the sports bra review..with pictures please.

  4. Good luck with the 50k! And, happy (ultramarathon) anniversary!

  5. As long as knowing the course doesn't actually stop you from running it, I think familiarity's a good thing! Plus, running's like they say giving birth is-- you can never really remember the pain accurately once it's over! Impressive goals, no surprise there.

  6. Good luck on the long run this weekend! I am contemplating some of '09, but right now, I have to just keep my sights focused on finishing up '08. I don't like to think too far ahead.

  7. Hah, that looks like quite a challenge there!


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