Sunday, April 26, 2009

Breaking new trails...

An easy start back, my first run post Leona Divide and I decided to explore some of the local trails, these are totally new to me so it was a case of just following my nose. I only had an hour or so as we were decamping to LegoLand en familie for the remainder of the day. The trailhead is a long mile away (more than one less than two by car odometer) from the house and has free parking. The Los Robles Trail area covers about 2000 acres and connects to the 27,000 acres of Pt Mugu State Park.

There was a trailhead map board with the usual info about local trails an critters, as best I can see there are approximately 40-50 miles of trails here including the back on any out and backs, the elevation is not so great but as a local resource its excellent. I didn’t make it over the hill so I do not know what lies the other side; next time I am sure I’ll find out.
Anyway here are a few photos I snapped and the MotionBased data:

Looking North along the Conejo Valley; some inviting and gnarly switchbacks
Looking South along the Conejo Valley, I've run up from about the middle of the photo

I love SoCal trails!


  1. Great pics, glad your recovery was quick!

  2. The scenery looks beautiful!

  3. *sigh* You ARE a lucky man ;-)

  4. you sure have some lovely scenery! great pics :)

  5. love all the pics and glad that you are feeling great! :)

  6. I see you found my backyard play area during the weekends:)


  7. Mmmmmmmm, very pretty. Almost as nice as my Northern California trails. ;)


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