Friday, April 3, 2009

PCTR Sycamore Canyon 50K Redux

Something for your long run this weekend?

This week has been spent, packing, packing and packing, my goodness we’ve accumulated a load of crap! Hence the lack of posts!

So to be a lazy blogger and at least post something in a week here you go…as you might know I have embarked on a little side departure with the Quadrathon Podcast. The last episode was recorded entirely while running the PCTR Sycamore Canyon 50k last weekend.

As you are probably aware my expectations for the race were to treat it as a long supported run and finish feeling good both physically and mentally; it was my penultimate long run before I start my taper for Leona Divide which is on April 21st.

Chances are you know the outcome but if you would like a little more of an insight into race day it might make for an interesting listen.



  1. I haven't listened to your podcast yet, but I like the new blog look!

  2. Sweet - made it onto your podcast! Great job out there again Stuart. It's a nice boost going into LD 50. You're gonna rock it man.

    And sorry, it looks like I'm just going to keep my sights set on Skyline to the Sea the following weekend. 2 ultras in consecutive weeks? Nah, I'll pass.

  3. Packing.... what a nasty chore. Takes away from "play time"

  4. Dude....nice job! Love the new main pic btw. :)


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