Thursday, April 30, 2009

A byproduct of moving...

So as a byproduct of moving I have been able to consolidate books and the like and managed to nearly locate all my running and training books, I posted a picture of the almost complete collection on Twitpic and Facebook a while ago and several people asked what the were specifically, I have still to locate a few of them and some I have given away but this is about 90% complete.

I’ll spare going through them individually but here are a few highlights (click to enlarge):

The Anatomy of Stretching: at least one stretch for every muscle broken out into specific sports and presented in an easy to understand format.

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes; provides an easy to read (and understand) insight into correct fueling and hydration broken out across various endurance sports.

Fixing your Feet; do you suffer from blisters; learn how to avoid them, treat them and tape them, black toe nail, Morton’s toe (or you want to know what Morton’s toe is) and the like, do yourself a favor and buy this book.

A Step Beyond; A Definitive guide to Ultrarunning; the clue is in the title, pretty much anything you ever wanted to know and were afraid to ask, want to run an ultra – buy this book!

50 Trail Runs in Southern California; written by Stan Swartz the founder of the Trail Runners Club that I run with, if you’re coming to SoCal this is the book to have (of course I'll always be happy to show you), covering many of the State Parks that surround LA this book really does have 50 of the best runs.

And yes there are a few cycling and triathlon books in there as well…what can I say, I like to keep my options open!


  1. I have that sport nutrition book, and I agree, GREAT book.

  2. I'm glad your collection is safe and sound. My collection of books has dwindled as my Big Black Lab has chewed up most of them.
    I never got a chance to read Pam Reed's book. I had it for about an hour then it was shredded.

  3. I can never get rid of books anyway. They go with me.

  4. A nice collection of resources you got there. :)

  5. That's quite the collection!

  6. I love books. That's how I got this cushy job :-)

  7. Open options is the only way to go :))

    Have a great weekend. I have some of your podcast to catch up on.

  8. OK phew, and I thought I was the only one with a big ole stack of running books LOL


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