Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gluten Tag...a mid-wheat update!

Excuse my clumsy punning!

So I am just over one week into the detox and it’s been interesting. No major issues so far, I have reduced my caffeine intake to one cup of (English breakfast) tea a day, my dairy is down to a splash of milk in my tea, dairy is out; I am all about the soy milk and yogurt although I do miss my Fage Greek yoghurt, coffee is decaf, no red meat and no chocolate/candy. Eliminating wheat has been a bit tricky; it’s in everything; bread, cereal, energy bars etc.

So I was mooching about Whole Foods and I saw, appropriately enough, Mochi. It’s a gluten free rice based snack that comes in several flavors either savory or sweet. I picked up a packet of “seed” flavor and tried it at the weekend, I over cooked it and it was a bit crunchy, I also think I cut it up too small but even so it was actually pretty good! I ran it by HolisticGuru on Twitter and she gave it the thumbs up and I used it a vehicle for hummus, which I am totally into of late, after listening to Brett (Texafornia) on the ZenTri podcast, to which I am a recent listener but complete addict, extol it’s virtues! Anyway back to the Mochi, basically you cut it up into 1.5” squares and bake it at 450f for 10 minutes…tricky huh! The next time around I picked up some cinnamon flavored (red packet) and it is yummy, The green pack is "seeds" and is savory great with hummus but with a dab of blue agave sweetener it's also yummy! It’s not bad value at $4.00 a packet which gives you about 16 pieces.

So that overcame the bread issue but there was still the question of breakfast. My breakfast diet for years has been oat based and for the last two years or so has been my own “Cereal Killer” anyway in another aisle I found the following, Perkys Nutty Flax and Bakery on Main mixed them together and voila! Not quite as interesting as the home made stuff but really not that bad at all! Mixed together I get about 10 days worth and that costs out at about $1.30 a bowl.

Snackwise in addition to hummus and Moochi, I discovered in Trader Joes, which was a good thing because Whole foods is not the cheapest shop on the planet, two gluten free bars, both are pretty tasty but they are really calorific the Pure bar is 200 calories for 1.7 oz and the Organic bar is a whopping 310 calories for 2.4 oz, that’s over three bananas in a bar! Both are priced around $1.50-2.00. Anyway once in a while they’re fine but not everyday.

So what are the results? Well I have 2.5 pounds with no real effort and this is despite the reduction in the rate of calorie burn from the height of my training; last week I put in 28 miles and this week will be the same. So things are heading in the right direction without any real effort. I managed to put my back out over the weekend; a trip to the Chiropractor put it straight, but this meant the P90X workouts didn’t start till last night proper; Back and Arms, I’ll report on that later…so in summary so far so good!


  1. Going au natural on us and stuff! Good luck with it. I like that kind of stuff too as long as it tastes reasonable. Hell, I like everything as long as it tastes reasonable :-)

  2. we need to see the befor and after pics at the end of the P90X. You did take them right?

    "BRING IT"

  3. Lots of goods I need to check out. Thanks for the headsup & can't wait to hear about P90X. :)

  4. Good job on the weight loss already!

  5. Great post! You're doing a great job with this :) I'm very impressed.

    I had mentioned a couple of brown rice products over twitter:

    I really like the millet and brown or red rice versions.

    Also, I mentioned a pasta, which tastes better than any other pasta on the planet:

    Another idea for replacing the bread in your diet, is to try eating sandwich foods on romaine lettuce leaves (like a wrap).

    And for the dairy, I find that avocado slices with a bit of sea salt can replace cheese in any sandwich... except maybe grilled cheese :)

    That's my 2 cents.

    Take care and good luck with your training!

  6. ooh - have heard good things about the P90x ... a friend did it & totally transformed her body.

    always good to detox every now & then!

    I switched to Agave Nectar during the great sugar purge of '08. Good stuff. Still use it!

  7. have you tried Stevia? its a very low cal natural sweetener that i am a fan of. never tried Agave sweeteners. also, i'm not sure if its wheat/dairy free but the Organic Chocolate Chip bar is AMAZING. oh wait, you're not eating chocolate. that's no fun. anyway, you're really making me want to shift my dietary patterns. i'm usually only able to last a few days before i give into the lure of pizza at work or something terrible like that. but maybe i'll try, try again.

  8. great job on the loss of a few pounds already! i really should try that, but I think i'd have a hard time with the coffee and wheat. you are stronger than i! :D


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