Monday, May 4, 2009

This way, that way and a hitchhiker!

So yesterday I headed back to the Los Robles trail for another exploratory run, this week I decided to go left (east) instead of right (west). I caught my rhythm and made my way up the hill, pretty much most things are uphill from the parking lots. I got to the top and saw a sign for a “scenic loop” which was a bit misleading and was really a detour! Still it was scenic.

I met a couple hiking and I asked them for some pointers on the trail and despite me saying that I did not want to go back to the parking lot they gave me some directions that pointedly were taking me there! Oh well. Anyway I thanked them and after a quarter mile met another guy who I had seen earlier who seemed to know where he was heading and what he was doing. He sure did! He went on to tell me that he hikes there 6 days a week, I swear he was not a day under 65! He told me about several trails in this park and of some others further along the valley. I was under no pressure for distance so I whiled a way a very pleasant 20 minutes or so just chatting about the trails and parks…a real benefit of being outside of a training plan.

Anyway he gave me some pointers and I returned the way I came and caught the western trail, this I followed until I was pushed for time at which point I about faced and headed back to the car. Some ways along the trail something caught my eye and I took off my visor to see I had picked up a hitchhiker, I had no idea how long he had been there but I set him down on a juicy looking leaf and headed back to my car. Nine, nearly ten miles, a great chat and a hitchhiker…not bad for a mornings trail work!

Here is the MotionBased data and some photos.


  1. That caterpillar isn't a fool. I'd hitch a ride if I could, too!

  2. See, I would be worried about where he originally came from and want to reunite him with the rest of his family. Yup, I'm weird like that. One time, a bee hung on to my side view mirror for a 20 mile freeway trip. I wanted to drive him back. ;)

  3. At least a caterpillar is a harmless hitchhiker!


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