Saturday, October 31, 2009

Swim, Bike, Run – Yes, Nearly, No!

Five weeks no running; yep cabin fever is setting in and I just ordered me a pair of these sweet rides! But having said that the swimming is going well, well as well as two sessions can go. Nearly 2000 yards this week, I could have gone further but as usual I was pushed for time. After tweaking my knee Tuesday I took it easier on Friday. I also invested in some larger hand fins to take the pressure off my legs otherwise I am bit like a log in the water! Using a pull buoy helps as well for the buoyancy and a swim cap helped with the cold, so now I at least look the part.

I tried my benchmark pedal rotation on the bike and there’s further improvement; forwards I am up to around 2:00am and backwards around 11:00pm, it’s a little sore to go this far but not to the point of doing any damage. Finally I have made in dent in my weight gain so that’s a move in the right direction.

I hosted this week's Runners Round Table podcast, the topic was "Going Long; Ultra-marathons and IronMan", it was a great show and well worth a listen, check it out on iTunes and take it for a run.

All in all everything is good news, but I would really like to go for a run!


  1. Thanks for visiting my site and your helpful advice! I was just checking to see that you're keeping to your swimming plan. Sounds like its progressing along well! Glad to hear your knee range of motion is improving. It can be hard to be patient, but it's evident what you're doing is working. Keep it up!

  2. Really, it's been 5 weeks? Didn't realize it had been that long. I'm 2 weeks into my running hiatus. So how much longer do you have to go?

    I've never tried hand fins. I hear they really work your arms. My arms are sore enough without them though. I'm good :)

  3. Anytime you can't do something, it always makes you long for it, but try to enjoy the hiatus from running, and you'll be back at it soon!

  4. glad the swimming is going... swimingly! I actually love my time in the water now... happy that you're making progress! Keep healing!

  5. Good to see you're making progress on the rotation - almost all the way around the clock!


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