Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Night Swimming!

Well I wasn’t expecting that! I had totally forgotten that it would be dark when I got to the pool. I was late getting out of work, caught by the door for an impromptu discussion on change management that lasted 30 minutes. As you can see it was dark and foggy; thick marine layer had rolled in from the ocean. The thermometer in my car said 64f; it wasn’t that cold, in fact the water temperature was warmer than the air temperature.

My knee (it's not actually my knee but you know what I mean) felt better with a wider range of motion; I feel like I am really in the closing stages of recovery. The recovery seems to have accelerated over the last week or so, fingers crossed it continues. I am going to give it another two weeks minimum before I lace up my shoes; just to be on the safe side.

I only managed 800 meters, I’ll do more on Friday; I’d like to do 2000 meters this week.


  1. Lucky lucky you. I only wish I had an outdoor pool to swim at during the evenings.

  2. This post deserves a song, don't you think?


    (Sorry, I don't know how to embed it in a comment).

  3. Glad you're making progress. And I LOVE the pool. My hip always feels better when I get out. Like I never had an injury at all. Anyway, you should stick with it even after you start running again. It's great cross training.

  4. The pool looks so inviting. I am also glad that you are making progress. I hope it keeps up.

  5. i would LOVE to have an outdoor pool to swim in. New England doesn't really do that-especially at this time of year!!! so pretty!

  6. This pool looks neat and i don't even like water;-)

    Glad your on your way to recovery.

  7. I think that swimming, more than anything else, has helped me with my other physical activities...

  8. The pool looks a bit glamorous lit up in the dark like that. Makes me want to take a dip. Great job on the swimming!

  9. You are SOOOO lucky! All, every single one, of our Spokane outdoor pools were completely demo'd and rebuilt but only ONE was open this summer. But the one accross the street from my work is FINALLY done....and just sitting there! It's not open! Well, of course it's like 22 degrees too, but still! I'd wear my wet suit! Can't wait for summer!!!!
    Enjoy all your post!


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