Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going Short...

Something different for 2010; at least for the first 6 months; short and fast. The idea is to work through the distances progressively and get faster as I go... yes there are a couple of triathlons there, in fact they are reverse triathlons, strangely that's all there was; and yes you can all nod your heads wisely and say I told you so! .

In a strange way my injury has opened up a whole new avenue of endurance.

I still need to iron out some wrinkles and I hope to pick up some new PRs along the way but the ultimate goal is a sub 3:00 marathon...hey you have to aim high right!

Feb 2; Redondo Superbowl Sunday 5k

Feb 27; Race on the Base Reverse Triathlon

Mar 3; Pasadena Reverse Triathlon

Apr 26; 3nd Annual Gator Run 10k

May 3; Santa Monica Classic 10k

May 8; Santa Barbara Wine Country Half

May 31; State Street Mile

June 5; Newport Marathon or

June 6; San Diego RNR Marathon

I'll look to carry the speed over to the trails for the second half of the year. Maybe I'll see you out there?


  1. Good to set yourself so new and fresh goals. I hope you manage to get the sub 3, it's a big target but as you say, set your sights high. I will be interested to follow your progress.

  2. I'm tired from looking at that list Superman! :)

  3. sounds like a plan... which is part of the fun :-)

  4. i'm doing the race on the base reverse tri! i did it last year! Hmm Pasadena...interesting, maybe I'll do that one too! Woo Hoo!!! I like your list! Bummer you wont be coming to Huntington beach on SUper Bowl sunday! I usually always run the RB race-except for this year I'm running Surf City half to get that stupid California Dreamin series schwag!

  5. wow, that's quite a list Stuart! i might see you at the half-marathon, i was registered last year but had that dang stress fracture.

    as far as the reverse tris ... i might look into those, but i gotta say, doing the tri in the normal order is kind of awesome b/c it gets my worst event over with and then i can pick people off in the bike and run ;)

    can't wait to see how you do with all this!

  6. Looks like a great list! I'm looking forward to reading a bunch of great race reports, hopefully even one about a sub-3 marathon.

  7. Wow - who are you? Hehe...

    Some list. Will prob see you at the SB Half if Sara's doing it this year. Same for Race the Base tri. Think the swim is in a pool which I think is do-able for me. And I'm already signed up for San Diego.

    Let's go biking soon Stuart. I need to dust of the ol' Trek again

  8. Wow. Definitely looks like fun to me! Yes, you always need to aim high! It's the best way.

    Hey, I've got a giveaway going on to win a $25 gift card to Running Warehouse. Stop by and check it out @

  9. i am most likely doing the SB wine country half!! i have been wanting to run it the last couple years and it hasnt worked out, but now they have a medal for doing all 3 and i have the other 2 done :) plus its right next to my parents!

  10. looks like some great events!!! and yes, i'm nodding my head with a big smile! :D So exciting!

  11. Yup, my arthritis in my knee has opened up other doors for me. Never give up!
    A reverse tri? That sounds kind of dangerous - swimming last? Hmmm.

  12. You are going to be busy...but busy having fun! I plan to be at San Diego again next year and am looking into SB.

  13. I'm looking at 2010 similarly, focusing on short races, specifically improving my half marathon speed!

    Looks like an AWESOME plan you've got going!

  14. WOW who are you is right?! I was thinking of doing the race on the base too! That is right by my house! :)

    Also, um, so many short races. I am surprised sheik one!


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