Friday, November 6, 2009

Windmills in the water!

Another Friday night another trip to the pool. I managed to get there in good time this evening and didn't have the need to rush off early. I was hoping to get in 1200 meters for a 2000 meter week.

I've been swimming a lot of breast stroke; it's comfy but I need to move out my comfort zone and get on the freestyle wagon so without the time crunch I could spend some time practicing.

I also took my camera which has a pretty decent video camera and with a big enough SD card can just be left to run, I tucked it under my towel just to remove temptation and just left it recording. Unfortunately it did a great job of focusing very sharply on a leaf just in front of it and not much else, everything beyond that is blurred! That being said I was able to see how bad my form is, I was sharing the lane and the recording shows me, by comparison to my more efficient lane sharers, waving my arms like a windmill; very uneconomical. I managed the 1200 meters, so just under 2200 yards for the week. The learning curve continues...

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  1. There is nothing wrong with breaststroke. i love that stroke> when I swim I do mostly breaststroke with freestyle interspersed. It ends up being about 3/4 breast 1/4's just an easier stroke for me. Yeah maybe it's a comfort level-it's also an asthma thing for embrace your breaststroke! Don't let ANYONE or any comments think that it's a lesser stroke!

  2. You, at least, got in the pool, so well done!! Being able to see your swim stroke is so helpful, well done!!

  3. hope you get the technically difficulties worked out more next time, but at least you were still able to get a few results from the trial.

  4. Could you put it on a plastic baggie with a hole cut out of it? I have a waterproof point and shoot, but i usually just place it in my mesh swim bag behind a pull buoy at the end of my lane - seems to work well for recording.

  5. There are lots of youtube videos that help improve your form. I used to do the windmill thing. I got out of that when my instructor brought it to my attention. As far as front crawl goes, it's helpful to switch to an easier stroke to catch your breath, then go back to it. But just keep swimming.


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