Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review; CEP All Sports Compression Sleeves

image A while ago I was contacted by the good folks at CEP socks asking would I be interested in testing their socks and leg sleeves…and of course the answer was yes! I am a big fan of compression clothing, both for recovery and for wearing actually during exercise, I have written several posts reviewing sock and sleeves, more socks and tights.

The benefits are pretty widely accepted so I won’t bore you with the details, so let’s get on with the review. From CEP’s website:

CEP All Sports Compression Sleeves maximize muscle oxygenation and boost energy with CEP's unparalleled scientifically optimized ultimate compression technology for all-day benefits. You’ll run with less effort, increased speed, decreased recovery time, reduced fatigue and optimized performance.

CEP compression sleeves are the first truly functional compression sport sleeve with a patented pressure flow technology that provide a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance. CEP sleeves provide more oxygen, more energy, an improved metabolization of lactic acid, and faster recovery so you can return to training quicker than ever.

  • Advantages & Features:
  • Pre-exercise - muscle activation and reduction of injury risk
  • During Exercise - optimized performance and stabilization, reduced muscle strain
  • Post-Exercise - quicker and shorter recovery phase
  • CellTex ® Fiber finishing - a new refinement of thread (without chemical additives) facilitates the biological activation of skin cells and provides a comfortable, skin sympathetic and climate- regulating wear.
  • iPS® Integrated power system - a defined compression with scientifically patented pressure profile improves blood circulation and enhances performance.
  • Shin protection
  • Material - 79% Polyamid, 21% Elasthan

CEP are steeped in the compression industry with over 50 years experience with medical compression

imageI have been wearing them for most of my runs, less the trail ones more recently, so they probably have between 60-70 miles on them as such. Out of the box, I had my doubts that they would fit but they are super stretchy and they fit comfortably from my ankle to below my knee. Comfortwise they are very comfortable, not too tight and not too loose, they may sound a bit trite but they are just right, you forget that they are there and that’s the point right! Beyond wearing them for running I have used them for post run recovery and although I am not running huge distances of late, I’ll take all the help I can get in recovery. Additionally, and this pure personal speculation, I think there is some injury prevention that you can probably throw into the mix here as well.

The construction is a one piece knit with a hemmed top and soft rolled bottom. There is a defined ribbing to the front and side and a smoother triangular section to the rear which surrounds your larger of the two calf muscle (Gastroc) and also the Achilles tendon for those of you who have Achilles issues.

TLC requires that you wash them warm, I use, ProWash, you can tumble dry on a them low heat, I am an air dry kinda guy for all my sports clothing.

Overall these are comfortable, effective piece of kit that does exactly what they say they do on the box, as mentioned I am big fan of most things compression but I especially like the sleeves as the main benefit of them is that you can wear them with your favorite socks, although this probably detracts from some of the compression benefits that a sock would give you…stay tuned I am reviewing them next. Oh and if you’re still in doubt CEP socks were the most popular at the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2009!

Available in six different sizes, you can choose them in either black or white. You can purchase them directly from CEP’s website or multiple outlets online, prices start from $39.00.

This product was provided by CEP. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at quadrathon@gmail.com.


  1. I've tried a few different brands of compression socks and the CEP ones are far and away my favorites. I've been thinking about getting a pair of the leg sleeves. I'll be interested to read your review of the socks and see what you thought of the difference.

  2. i have been wanting to look into calf sleeves. thanks for the review! i probably need to buy some sooner rather than later to help with my ultra training :)

  3. Nice calves! Oh I need to get these compression socks without the feet!! Nice review Stu!

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