Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday night at the movies…

I caught up on both of these during the week.

The first follows the story of four athletes from diverse backgrounds; two working professional (not professional athletes), a cancer survivor and partially blind runner/tri-athlete, it’s a bit focused on longer distance events; marathon, Ironman etc but the real story is finding the balance, the motivation, over coming obstacles and reaching goals.

The second is a made for TV (by ESPN) movie about Roger Bannister and the four minute mile. It’s  huge story to tell in 90 minutes and there’s a lot of things that are touched on and have no real depth, the rivalry between Bannister and Wes Santee and John Landy being one of them, that being said it does document Bannister’s, unothodox at the time, training methods and captures the mood very well.

Both are available through Netflix and Athlete you can stream direct to your computer or Roku.

Popcorn anyone?


  1. will check them out for sure. great blog

  2. Love your movie recommendations. The first one is of special interest due to my own health challenges. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Will definitely watch.

  3. I'll check those out! Thanks!! I still have yet to send out the envelope by the way, I will get on that tomorrow :)

  4. I couldn't see the names of the movies....what are the names???

  5. i am so excited that these are on netflix! adding them to the queue now! :)

  6. thanks for the head's up on "Athlete" - It'll be great trainer fodder soon. I saw the Bannister movie and agree with you.

  7. I'm in tears already and I've only watched that little bit that you've shared here. Oh, and only the first video. I'll definitely check it out.

    Now, video #2...


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