Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best laid plans…

Ah how wrong I was check out this post from exactly a year ago.  Nine races planned and of that list I ran!
That being said I did run three others that were not on the list! And all things being equal I will run another three that were not there either. So I guess that's a good example of planning #fail101! But the reality is that things change, priorities shift, life moves on and sometimes gets in the way, but without a plan you really will get nowhere fast rather than nowhere slowly.

And so like most people this time of the year my thoughts are turning to what next year holds in terms of a race schedule and right now with the exception of returning to the 13.1 LA race in January I have a big fat blank sheet of paper...and you know what that's just fine.

[P1000335[3].jpg]One thing for sure is that there will be more family events and while you may never see a photo of the fam' here (house rules) you may well see them at the finish and the start line in real life...I am forecasting a lot of kids fun runs, especially as my eldest who just turned 6 picked up his first pair of trail running shoes an is itching to get a pair of Newtons...although I think it's the color that appeals. Talking of Newtons, you remember I got a pair oh err in February! Well I am digging them out, once the November madness has passed!

I can say that I expect the bike to get a good showing especially as I still need to pop that century cherry and with the wet suit I won last month winging its way to me...well who knows?!!?

Oh and this post matches the same number I wrote all of last year and takes me through to number 601 in total! Jeez I have a lot to say!


  1. You are going to need a larger race budget for the family... but that is agreat thing!!

  2. Also, on the good side Stuart, you didn't register for all those races way ahead of time like I do. I've had my fav. races sell out on me, so I register early now. And it seems all year, I had a race paid for that I wasn't ready for or was injured, and felt I had to go anyway because I paid!

  3. yeah my 2010 plans didn't quite pan out the way i wanted them to, but we are both still healthy and running and for that i am thankful.

  4. real life = flexible! really, that's all that matters. next year, my goal is to maintain my fitness so that I'm six weeks out from whatever race distance I decide to do! Fun times...

  5. From someone who is a newly admitted empty nester - way to keep your priorities straight Stuart!

  6. There's much to be said for a blank sheet. The possibilities for a fresh start are endless. Runningwise, my 2010 was a 'character builder'. Made me realize how charmed the years leading up to it were!


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