Friday, December 3, 2010

Inside the mind of an Ultra-runner

My iPod is full of all sorts of things from Avril Lavigne to The Zencast. Through iTunes I have created playlist that carry me along the trail or propel me along the road. There are a fairly solid stable of podcasts that I listen to. Recently a couple of the ones I have listened to have some pretty insightful interviews with two luminaries of the ultra running world; Karl Meltzer and Scott Jurek.

Mike, an accomplished ultra runner himself and the host of Dirt Dawg’s Running Diatribe spends an hour chatting to Karl. Fresh off running the Pony Express Trail, Sacramento CA to St Louis MO, some 2000 miles. They talk about UTMB, Karl’s odds, nutrition and a whole bunch of other good stuff.

At the other end of the spectrum are Ray and Jason and two relatively new runners with their sights set on their first marathon sometime in 2011 and hosts of the Geeks in Running Shoes podcast. They spend an hour with Scott where they peel back the layers of what goes through your mind when running 100 miles and discuss the famous Green Magma!

There are a few other interviews or ultrarunners out there mostly on Endurance Planet, which is on hiatus at the moment including Anita Ortiz, Duncan Callahan, Nikki Kimball, Hal Koerner and the Gran Daddy of Ultra Running Gordy Ainsley

Got a long run planned this weekend and need some company why don’t you take one of them on a run with you…


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I just got a new iPod Touch (my old Nano was on its last leg & I could only control the volume pretty much LOL) and am looking to find some good podcasts to take with me on my long run tomorrow.

  2. Love those type of interviews. I'll check them out!


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