Monday, December 6, 2010

There’s more to the outdoors than trail running!

I was reading Kovas’ blog and he mentioned the Outdoor Blogging Network and how they were setting up a portal of outdoor blog where the focus is to establish it as the “primary site on the web for writers and readers of Outdoor related blogs to come and peruse a vast listing of the best Outdoor blogs in existence”…sound goods to me I thought! So I shot over filled out a quick form and submitted my application…and was accepted under the Trail Running category; yay! Now further inspection of the site is that this really is an outdoors site and caters to some pretty esoteric activities; bird watching, target shooting and bushcraft but there are more mainstream activities including hiking and fishing, by comparison trail running is at the more tamer end of activities!

So check them out and if you feel you fit send in an application and you never know!

Also I have had to draw another winner for the 13.1 contest as the last winner never contacted me, I am always amazed at the lack of follow through but hey whatever…so drumroll Part Duex, congrats EricaH drop me a line to get the entry code!


  1. I like the idea of the outdoor network..I will be checking it out.

    Throw me a 13.1 here on the East Coast adn you only have to ask once for me to claim my prize :)

  2. what? you're leaving us? hmmmph ;-)

  3. That sounds like a cool site...I'll need to check it out!


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