Tuesday, February 21, 2012


No I am not Jack Bauer, if you don’t know who he is that’s probably a good thing! But it is the amount of time I spent in bed this weekend…well combined for Saturday and Sunday. Having just shrugged off a cold three weeks ago I was less than happy to find myself on the receiving end of another bio-bomb. When I found myself sat under a blanket while wearing a down parka shivering on Saturday night I knew that the family trip to San Francisco was not happening…at least for me. So Sunday morning after waving my family off to the airport I headed back to bed and tallied up a total of 14 hours of sleep, this was followed by spending most of Sunday on the sofa and another 10 hours of sleep Sunday night.

Clearly I was needing it but I was feeling 75% human come the next morning so I tentatively headed to the local pool and managed to get in a solid swim 2000 yards in 50ish minutes(good is relative for me). Later in the day hopped on the bike and cranked out a quick ride.

So 48 hours later I am still a bit snuffling but coming out of the back of the weekend I am approaching the 100% mark slowly but surely, one more week of training and then I step back for race day.


  1. I'm not sure if I should be proud of you for doing all that while you're sick, or really really worried about you!

  2. I am sure you were thinking the WHOLE TIME that you could be out training like a mad man with the house empty.

    Rest...recover....or something like that. :) You know we are good at giving advice but not so good taking it.

  3. Oh I see! It was your sleep that made it to 24 hours. Well, you really need it and just regain your health.


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