Sunday, February 26, 2012

Head down, ass up!

Sorry I have been a bit absent on the interwebs, a bit of twitering, logging on Daily Mile and that’s it. I have basically had a monster week at work, I’ll spare you the details and but it involved a 20 hour day, a night that lasted all of 3 hours, a fair few 5:00am starts and so on. I parked my social mediaing and prioritized my days into family, work and training. So with that set as my modus operandi I put my head down and set to it. All things considered I managed to hold it together for a pretty solid week.


The numbers don’t really tell the tale, Monday and Tuesday were doubles, Friday a triple and Sunday a brick, it tallies up as follows:

  • Cycling 137 miles
  • Run 12.5 missed one scheduled run otherwise should have been closer to 20
  • Swim 8000 yards (4.55 miles)

I have been carrying a cold for the last week, I think I actually had one on the way out and then caught another so it’s been if nothing a snotty week and after today’s ride had me asking on Twitter:

Swallowing the snot that is streaming out of your nose when cycling; does this count as hydration or cycling-recycling!”

I also passed the 1000th training mile for the year, this seems insane coming from a more running based background but for obvious reasons a lot of these are bike miles

Finally this week I was able, thanks to a friend, capture me on video swimming, this is just a short clip, the longer version is on it’s way to another pal who is a pretty accomplished swimmer and who has agreed to give me some tips etc. One thing I am pleased with it that I am slowly overcoming my my sinking lower body and managing to get my ass and legs up...I still have a long way to go, but what was a floundering splashfest that barely allowed me to cover 25 yards 10 weeks ago is a comfortable stroke that has me covering 750 yards unassisted…slow but steady progress!

So this week is a step back/taper week leading into my very first Triathlon on Saturday which then kicks off the season proper with basically a race every 60 days through to IMAZ in November!

Hold we go!

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  1. nice numbers, despite the hectic week!

    I see a few things on your swim stroke. You are pulling with a straight arm. Before you begin your pull, reach one more time for the wall, then bend your elbow up and pull. Your arm should look like you are trying to wrap it around a barrel. If you can get your hand to pass your shoulders before your elbow, even better.

    You've got runner's feet on your kick too :-) Flatten those puppies out!

    You look good!! Keep up the good work.


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