Sunday, March 11, 2012

Going big!

After last weeks taper/rest week I wanted this week to be big, big in time and big in distance, it was going to be a bit of a challenge due to domestic arrangements but with finangling and fancy calendar work I managed it.


Doubles every weekday including a double swim on Friday, even though it only shows 1 mile it totaled 2500 yards.

The breakdown for the week:

Swim; 5 swims for 8350 yards, my new Garmin 910xt arrived and I am loving it in the pool, it tracks laps, splits, strokes, here’s an extract from Garmin Connect


I will not even begin to start a review, if you want more info check out DCRainmaker’s awesome writeup here

Bike; 182 miles, yeah a big week in the saddle including a revisited FTP test on Trainer Road, I have been using it since the beginning of the year and my Power Threshold has increased from 212 to 250


Sunday was big ride day so I setout to try and best my longest ride distance of 88 miles, I managed it with 102 on the clock, not the fastest ride I have done but it did have 4750’ of climbing. It was a perfect day!


Run; 11 not worried about this at all although I need to get on top of before it gets away from me!

So ends another week ends and another starts! This one will be scaled back some as my usual Sunday “big” day is being replaced with an open water swim clinic.



  1. That IM is well within your grasp Stuart!!

  2. Open water swim clinic is a great idea

  3. Wow what a week!!!1 My big week (post race_ was 4 miles I think!!! )

    you have got me wanting to try the 910x....I'd love to be able to stop counting laps.

  4. Some serious training, especially the bike miles. Well done!


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