Monday, March 26, 2012

Less than 10%!

Another week of hay!

Seven days x 24 hours equals 168 hours! Put like that it always sounds a long time when you compare it to a training week, but I am no pro and I work and all that good stuff so when I manage to eek out another 12 hours or so of training it feels like a pretty good week even if it’s <10%!

I deliberately stepped off the bike this week and stepped into my running shoes although another rainy weekend put the kybosh on my plans! But first the numbers; 11:52 training hours broken down as follows:

Swim; 8750 yards; my swims are getting longer and I am comfortably hitting the 1250 mark unsupported, I am always working on my form and trying to improve my SWOLF which is made easier with the 910xt. Sunday’s Open Water Clinic was cancelled due to bad weather again and is now looking likely to be in April some time!

imageBike; 42.3 miles, only two rides this week but two very solid ones; both were Sufferfests, which if you have ever ridden tend to kick the shit out of you! I am still using the TrainerRoad as a means to gauge things and it is working really well. I am sure when I win the lottery and have time to write up a review I will but in the meantime check out Ray’s. I had planned to ride after the Clinic but that was 86d also due to the weather!

image image

Run; 33 miles, a big increase in the miles this week, with 5 runs, the fifth was a very wet, windy and muddy trail run in place of the Clinic and ride; after all if you are going to get wet you might as well get dirty too right! This was in contrast from the first which was a chatty run with a fellow Daily Miler; Thomas who was in town! He is also doing IMAZ and lives right by the course so will be font of knowledge in the future I am sure!

imageI borrowed this picture but you get the idea!

So not a big mileage week compare to recent ones but I am happy with the depth of it, and especially with the running which while not fast is at least getting me back into the groove, I feel if I can keep my miles in the mid 30s I’ll be in good shape through to Vineman…of course now I am starting to experience the difficulty in finding the balance in training! One last thing worthy of a mention, just, is that I can say that I am adding stretching and the like in to the routines and feel better for it already although there is a good 6’ between my finger tips and toes!

Eight weeks to Race Day!

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  1. finding that balance is always the toughest part about triathlon training. looks like you did a good job of it that week!


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