Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Gloom!

I had every expectation that June would be a good month; an easy couple of weeks in May, a solid Olympic race at the end of the month followed by a new PR in the 10k looked to set me up to get to the half year point with some serious miles behind me. Then I put my back out and twisted my knee and before I knew it the month was over.

So here are the deets;

  • Swim; 13,640 yards (7.75 miles) 6:40 hours
  • Bike; 242 miles 14:06 hours
  • Core/PT 4:00 hours
  • Walking; 15 miles (Seaworld, San Diego Zoo and Safari Park) 11:00 hours
  • Running; 35.55 miles  4:50
  • Total; 300.3 miles 16:36 hours

I need to remind myself that it’s not all gloom and doom here are the numbers for the first 6 months or the year, it leaves just under 400 miles short of where I wanted to be but that was an arbitrary target. I expect these will double and more over the coming 5 months.

  • Swim; 158,400 yards (90 miles) 73:23 hours
  • Bike; 2141 miles 130:41 hours
  • Running; 358 miles  51:52
  • Other; 32 miles
  • Total; 2621 miles 275:16 hours

As you can tell I am having my own little pity party in Miseryville; population one. I am sure once my knee clears up and I start a new training program everything including my mood will pick up. I have pretty much decided on a plan that will get me to IMAZ, it’s a 20 week plan that I will cut 3 weeks out off, one thing that it does include specifically which appeals is strength and core work. It should be no surprise that both of these things are needed to to maintain form over a long day and hopefully they will also help keep me from falling apart on they way.


  1. Wow. I completely feel for you. It's great that you've got a plan to address it. Take care.

  2. Impressive numbers! You've had a huge year so far and even your "off" June was great. Putting yourself in a great place to get into the hardcore IM training.


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