Thursday, July 26, 2012

What’s the plan Stan?

Training for IMAZ started on Monday. That’s not really true, if I was honest I suppose it actually started last November when I plonked down $650, but specifically the past 9 months have led me to this start line and the next 17 weeks will lead me to the start line in Tempe Town Lake. I vacillated, procrastinated and deliberated over what plan to follow, trust me there are a lot to choose from in the end I went for one I feel I can actually execute…the best plan in the world is useless if you can’t follow it! I actually settled on two plans; the Beginner Triatlete (RPE) plan which is 20 weeks long so I am cutting three weeks and from that I am also substituting the swim plan for one found in the Swim Workouts for Triatletes book, which is 13 weeks long so I am repeating four weeks. imageThe volume seem reasonable and with some shuffling I should fit things all in the course of the week also I am adding into the mix proactive stretching and some strength training, these are two areas which are woefully ignored at my own peril. I am still struggling with a knee thing but I am hoping that proactive care, ice, foam rolling and using my Compex will help resolve that and I have managed to have a couple of good runs this week already, this morning’s 90 minutes went by without issue so fingers crossed that continues!

Of course I will be updating weekly, cos’ I know you are dying to know what goes on! In the meantime here is something to whet your whistle!

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