Monday, August 27, 2012

Bite size victories!

I am not a great swimmer, it’s my short leg of the three legged stool that is Triathlon, the problem is you have to finish the swim to get to the rest of it!

This week my Kids go back to school and a new school for one means meeting new teachers and orientation etc. Today’s double was always going to be tight to try and fit in the 2500 yards on the plan, so I decided to break it up and fitted half in at lunchtime hoping I could fit the other half in later on…I didn’t and right now I should be working rather than blogging! The idea was to the midday swim simple, this was it.

WU 250 w/PB
MS 2x500 at Tpace (my TPace is around 2:25 )

I just got changed, got in and got on with it and would you believe it, I finally managed to break the 40 minute mile mark, but better than that check out the consistency of the 2x500s, today I was a happy panda!


That being said I thought I was doing pretty well till another guy got in next to me...there is always a bigger fish!


  1. You have to celebrate the small steps forward! Nice job. Amazing how far you have come!

  2. Great job on your swim... Keep going at it and it will get better :)



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