Monday, August 6, 2012

IMAZ training Week 2

Another week in the bag. No modifications to the plan although a couple of adaptations; I moved my day off to Friday to accommodate home life, and Sunday’s ride had to be broken in half. The plan had been to ride with Leo and Becca for two hours after they completed the Dwight Crum Pier to Pier swim for which I was sherpaing for them. We headed South to Leo’s ‘hood and set out. Becca flatted after 2 miles (front) and then again 7 miles (rear) on. We made the strategic decision for me to ride back and pick up the car and head home as the day was slipping away. So I spent the second hour of the ride on the trainer…you gotta do what you gotta do right!

So here are the weekly digits:imageVolume is increasing slowly; run distance is a little shorter this week as my long run was on the trail which is always slower than the road. Here’s a visual (‘cos I got mad Excel skills ;-)) of how things are accumulating over time. image This week is another build. Next a step back which is not a bad thing as I am travelling and on vacation…onwards!

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  1. You need to add time to your graph and then you would have CRAZY mad Excel skills!


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