Sunday, September 30, 2012

IMAZ training Week 10

Bike week is done! It was always going to be a big mileage week but it wasn’t until I got halfway through it that I realized I really would break the 200 miles in a week threshold, it’s a first for me but somehow I have a nasty feeling it won’t be the last!

Five bike sessions were on the plan for a total of 11.5 hours in the saddle, along with some low level running and swimming just to keep those fires warm. There was only one pure brick; a two hour ride on the trainer followed by a thirty minute run on the treadmill, say what you like about these two training tools especially the treadmill but they both keep you honest and on pace. Sunday’s long ride was a 4 hour session and I finally managed to get my race wheels locked and loaded, only after a quick unscheduled trip to the LBS for a lesson on reversible valve extenders!


I headed to PCH for this ride as it best simulates the Beeline Highway in Tempe; long and straight, although PCH is in my mind hillier, especially at the southern end where I usually start my rides around Pepperdine University. The first hour was spent just getting used to the wheels, it was pretty windy and I could feel myself being pushed around on them. The first 25 miles I had a headwind and it wasn’t until I turned inland and out of the wind that I started to really feel my speed pick up and I was comfortable cruising along at 21-22 mph and with a little tail wind and effort I could sit at the 24-25mph speed…wow is all I can say! I rode outbound for 2:10 knowing I would pick some up on the way back and I did finishing the ride in 4:03 negative splitting it by 9 minutes, mostly due to a tailwind but also to increased confidence. You can see the Garmin Connect data here.

I managed only one core session which essentially put’s me three sessions down in my challenge to do 30 of them in 10 weeks, right now I have done 9 in 4 weeks. This week is recovery so I can refocus my efforts there. Week 10 seems like a good time to look back on the training so far of which the tallies are:

  • Swim; 41.97 miles, 73,867 yards
  • Bike 910.85 miles
  • Run 234.45 miles
  • Total Time 127:57 (hours:minutes)

So here is the week’s totals and the weekly increase in training:



As I say this week is recovery week and then four more build weeks and then two weeks of taper…in other words 47 days to go!

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  1. The Beeline is a 17 mile out and back. The miles leading up to the turn around are slightly uphill, but believe me, you notice it. When you turn around and think, yea! downhill, the wind hits you in the face and says oh no... Practice your aero and get used to riding into a head wind. I will ask for calm weather for you :-)

    After setting a bike PR at Augusta (4 minutes or so), I'm a firm believer in indoor training.

    Keep up the good work! Nice bike!!!


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