Monday, September 10, 2012

IMAZ training Week 7

Well and I thought last week was big! This week I blew threw the time thanks to the addition of 75 minutes worth or core work and deliberate foam rolling for a total of just over sixteen and a half hours and 174 miles of training. This included several bricks this week:

  • Mon 39m bike/3.50m run
  • Wed 2000 yards/15.65 run
  • Sat 21m bike/7.17m run
  • Sun 51m bike/6.30m run

So in case you hadn’t figured it out it was a pretty run heavy week, the total breakdown looked like this;


A bit light on the swimming front, I cut one swim short (Wednesday) to accommodate the run. I am actually following a different swim plan so I was 500 yards short (but if you were to look at was prescribed in the bike/run plan I was on target)and on Friday I was pushed for time and had to cut 750 yards from my swim only managing 2000 yards in total. Specifically I was worried about a couple of workouts, Wednesday’s brick run and Sunday’s overall brick. Wednesday’s run turned out really well and I finished strong with a negative split, running early really helped avoid the weather but the 4:15am alarm call was pretty brutal. Sunday’s brick was also a bit worrying, riding 3 hours and running an hour individually; not a problem, string it altogether well that also turned out not to be a problem. Although leaving it late in the day after watching the first men finish in the 70.3 World Championships meant that I picked up some wicked tan lines! I need to focus some more on my hydration on the hot rides as I am getting dehydrated and there is no real excuse for this other than self-discipline. So here is the training to date:


This is the second week that I have cut my swim’s short which is a little concerning but this week is a sport specific and focuses on swimming with nearly 8 hours in the pool, in some ways it will be nice to get off my feet in others it’s in the pool! I expect a drop in mileage for sure and a little in duration.

Another piece of the puzzle arrived today; race wheels! Here’s a picture straight out of the box…hopefully I can try them this weekend!


This is the last week of counting weeks in double figures to race day, 10 left!

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  1. Good luck and great job with the training. I have signed up to do my first half next year and look forward to reading about your experience.

    Might have to eventually step up and do a full but want to see how the half goes first.


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